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As one of Central Wisconsin's largest propane retailers, Central Wisconsin Cooperative has become known for providing a dependable, safe propane supply.  CWC has been serving the Propane/LP Gas needs of the area for over 50 years with the roots of the cooperative dating as far back as 1918.  We have a premier infrastructure, efficient and safe processes and a strong supply network to reliably meet customer needs today and in the future.  In addition, we provide a full range of propane products and services — including innovative tools to help our customers manage costs associated with propane market price fluctuations.

Central Wisconsin Cooperative delivers high quality Cenex propane to residential, agricultural and commercial customers. We pride ourselves on:



Central Wisconsin Cooperative
Your Local LP Gas provider for generations - and generations to come

In a time when local companies are selling out and sending your business out of town
and sometimes out of state –
Central Wisconsin Cooperative remains here in your local community, employing your friends and neighbors.


Why is it important to buy local?

We’ve all felt the stress of the recent economic down turn.  If local jobs are important to you, than buying from a local supplier is important too.  After all, the best way to protect ourselves against the negative economic impact is to buy local.  As a local supplier, we are better able to efficiently and more economically serve you.  In addition, the impact of the dollars you spend staying in your local community will be far bigger.  Every dollar you spend locally will strengthen the area you live and work in.  When you purchase from Central Wisconsin Cooperative you’re doing just that, supporting your local community.  Your money stays here.  It isn’t sent off to a corporate office or owners far away.  It stays here in Marathon, Wood, Clark, Portage and Lincoln Counties – right here in Central Wisconsin - just like it has been since 1918, and we plan to keep it that way. 


We aren’t just asking you to keep your dollars local without something in return.   Central Wisconsin Cooperative’s Propane division offers;



Meet The Staff

LP team

Tim Moltzen – LP Gas Delivery/Service, joined the LP gas team in 2011 and brings with him over 35 years of experience.  Sandy Henseler- LP Office Assistant, joined CWC's LP division in 2011.  She has worked in the LP Gas business for 6 years and brings with her over 30 years of experience in cooperative customer service.  Rich Hohl – LP Gas Delivery/Service, has been with the LP division for 17 years with a total of 22 years in the business.  Paul Dietsche – Petroleum Division Manager, Paul has been with Central Wisconsin Cooperative’s Petroleum division for almost 20 years.  Mike Armbruster – LP gas Manager, joined the Central Wisconsin Cooperative’s LP division in 1996.  He has been involved in the LP business for 18 years.

Propane is the fuel source for more than 60 Million Americans.  Using this nontoxic energy source helps cut emissions and protect the enviroment.  Because propane is released as a gas, the danger of spills, pooling or residues entering the enviroment is eliminated.

           Propane Safety, CLICK HERE FOR INFORMATION